The GSGE is the government body within the Ministry of Interior of the Hellenic Republic, competent to plan, implement and monitor
the implementation of policies on equality between women and men in all sectors. Its strategic goal is policymaking concerning substantive
gender equality, providing guidelines and supporting and monitoring relevant actions at the central, regional and local level in Greece.
It, also, implements co-financed Programmes and Actions, keeps abreast of international developments in the field of gender equality.
The GSGE has developed its National Action Plan for Gender Equality 2016-2020 (NAPGE), which includes a series of horizontal interventions
across the range of public policy, as well as vertical specialized policies aimed at women and men in areas where inequalities are identified.
The Priority Axes of the NAPGE follow the guidelines of the European Commission to the Member States, adapting to the particular circumstances in Greece and covering the following policy areas:

  1. Social inclusion and equal treatment of women who suffer multiple discrimination
  2. Gender-based violence
  3. Labour market, family and work life balance
  4. Education, training, culture, sports and the media
  5. Health
  6. Decision making centres

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