The National agency for the promotion of scientific research (ANPR: was created in 2008 by the law n° 2008-60 dated on August the 4th, 2008 and amended by the law n° 2010-42 of 26th July 2010.

Under the guardianship of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, ANPR has the status of scientific and technological public establishment with the administrative and financial autonomy.


Our Agency is an interface structure between all Research & Innovation stakeholders:

Research actors: + 23000 researchers, 394 research laboratories, 215 research units, 40 research centres, 37 doctoral schools...

Socio-economic actors: ministries, horizontal departments, technical centres, technology parks, clusters, public & private companies, employer organizations, funders, business angels, civil society, Diaspora...


The missions entrusted to the ANPR are:

  1.  Contribute to the implementation of national research programs;
  2. Support the creation of transfer technology offices (TTO),
    1. Support public structures in the fields of intellectual property, promoting the research results and technology transfer;
  3. Contribute to the establishment and animation of research consortia,
  4. Financial management of research projects,
  5. Intermediation between research structures, companies and foreign partners :
  1. ANPR lead the national mobility mechanism -MOBIDOC- implemented for post-PhD and PhD students and to conduct applied research into enterprise,
  2. ii) ANPR is active on Smart Specialisation Strategy-S3- based on involvement of Business, Research, Public administration and Civil society…),
  1. Dissemination of mechanisms related to the valorisation of research results, technology transfer and the promotion of innovation concept;
  2. The exploitation of results related to scientific and technological scouting (ANPR is the leader of the National innovation portal),
  3. Give opinion concerning the acquisition, the maintenance and the exploitation of heavy scientific equipment.


The GEP for ANPR covers the following five target areas: i) mentoring, ii)  Raising awareness of gender bias in decision-making bodies, iii) Raising awareness of importance of gender perspective in research content and curricula and promoting female academics’ research excellence, iv) Improving gender-sensitive language in organisation’s documents, v) work-life balance, vi) Raising awareness of gender equality within ANPR.

In the framework of the GEP implementation, among other activities, administrative measures and practices will be undertaken to improve working conditions for employees and also contribute to raising awareness of gender equality and establishing a friendly and supportive institutional culture in ANPR, as well as, events will be organised to promote female researchers’ excellence.

Additional materials will be posted according to the activities development.