The Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) is the leading research and educational centres in Slovenia, and is completely comparable with the most prominent academic institutions in central and southeast Europe.

More than three hundred research associates are organised into eighteen independent but coordinated and interconnected institutes. Work at ZRC SAZU is distinctly interdisciplinary and based on cooperation, complementation, and synergy. The diverse research areas can be summed up in the study of cultural, social, and natural phenomena, processes, and practices. The results are visible not only in research and discussion articles, as well as general-interest publications, but also documentaries, promotional films, maps, CDs, posters, exhibitions, and websites.

The GEP for ZRC SAZU covers the following five target areas: mentoring, work-life balance, raising awareness of gender equality in the organisation, promoting excellence of female academics, and improving gender neutrality and sensitivity in official documents. In the framework of the GEP implementation, among other activities, the Group for equal opportunities will be established, and regular training sessions for early career researchers, as well as regular events to promote female researchers’ excellence, will be organised.

Additional materials will be posted according to the activities development.