CIC nanoGUNE (Asociacion - Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Nanociencias) is a private non-profit making association, created in 2006, with the mission of performing world-class nanoscience and nanotechnology research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country.

More specifically, CIC nanoGUNE' s role is to serve and lead, coordinate and promote the ecosystem of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Basque Country, enabling its position as one of the world leading experts in the field:

  • as a science and technology developer with a transfer model able to drive knowledge and technology into the market
  • as an incubator of skillful and knowledgeable professionals on state-of-the-art materials, devices, facilities and instruments
  • as a promoter of an articulated world class network of talented researchers.

The ultimate purpose of nanoGUNE is to become a prominent actor in the scientific and technological scene while being fully connected with the needs and demands of the (Basque) society.

Recently (in 2017), CIC nanoGUNE was granted the María de Maeztu distinction as a Spanish research centre of scientific excellence.

Motivation as part partner in the R&I PEERS project

While fully committed with the aim of the project, CIC nanoGUNE wants to exploit the R&I PEERS project as a tool to increase the performance of the center by utilising the full potential of all employees, though the promotion of a human resources model of excellence based on three pillars: welfare, participation and equality.

Additional materials will be posted according to the activities development.

San Sebastian