Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI) is a research, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan independent organization based in Cyprus active in programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain-modern technology-social transformation and the repercussions of relevant research for humanity. The scope of activities of the organization involves the application of technology towards social transformation as well as bridging literacy, economic, and digital divides. CNTI is a world pioneer in the development and application of the science of Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD). This methodology aims to harness the power of emerging technologies in order to accelerate positive social change. A list of SDDs implemented by FWC is found here.

The customised Gender Equality Plan developed to address the needs of CNTI lies on the following target areas: work-life balance, reducing the gender gap in decision-making bodies, reducing gender gap among researchers, improving the use of gender-neutral language in organization’s documents, mentoring and supporting the career and excellence of female researchers. Among others, the plan includes the establishment of equal participation of the two genders in CNTI’s Board of Directors for a period of at least 5 years and the introduction of the possibility of flexible working hours as well as remote work in order to improve the work-life balance of the employees.

Additional materials will be posted according to the activities development.