GEP at MIGAL, Israel
MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute Ltd. Is located in the periphery of Israel and today employs over 270 persons, almost half women, and over 60 Master degree students. Researchers at the Institute conduct basic and applied research in the areas of Biotechnology, Nutrition, Environmental Sciences and Agriculture.  As a leading institute for applied research in the region, MIGAL aims to strengthen and promote scientific innovation and spur economic growth. MIGAL is serving as a focal point for scientific developments as well as for science-community relations in the Galilee. MIGALs’ researchers collaborate with local, regional and international research organizations and universities, and maintain high levels of achievement and excellence, aiming to enhance economic opportunities for the local community and provide scientific and educational tools for students at the nearby Tel-Hai College, where MIGAL senior researchers serve as faculty members.
As part of the GEP, MIGAL plan regular workshops for female-researchers dedicated to grant and project application writing, workshops dedicated to academic writing, supporting them how to achieve the goal of gender equality in positions at the institute, as well as in the Tel-Hai College.
In order to reduce gender gap for researchers (job offering) MIGAL is planning encouragement of female candidates to apply for jobs at MIGAL in job announcement texts, and we already changed the applications to fit this target. 

You can find more information at our website: www.migal.org.il


Additional materials will be posted according to the activities development.

Kiryat Shmona


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The following document was approved by the Board of Directors of MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute on 25th December 2018.

R&I PEERS activity at MIGAL

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Over 30 researchers from MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute and Tel-Hai College gathered at MIGAL's lecture room and listen to the planned activities in the project. MIGAL' s Researcher received the invitation (see on left) and the consent was nice. All participant signed a card of participation.