R&I PEERS activity at MIGAL

Submitted by noavi on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 12:22

Over 30 researchers from MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute and Tel-Hai College gathered at MIGAL's lecture room and listen to the planned activities in the project. MIGAL' s Researcher received the invitation (see on left) and the consent was nice. All participant signed a card of participation.

1 The meeting started with the welcome of Prof Marchaim to the participants in the name of MIGAL.

 The programme: 

 Introduction of the project – Dr Daniela Levi.

 Daniela presented the R&I PEERS project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and   Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 788171. She presented the Work-packages, do we expect from R&I PEERS project,   and also presented the results of the questionnaire done at MIGAL. She described the tasks that have been already implemented and   deliverables submitted to the EU.

Prof Uri Marchaim continue and explain the description of tasks and indicators of success, and described the importance for MIGAL, as a research institute.

Dr Ilana Hirston summarized the questionnaire that was done at Tel-Hai College.

Aviv Elbaz Nudel presented the main ideas for the planned course for female to advance them at the institute, from both academic and applied science.

The audience asked many questions and the discussion was mainly in the direction how the female researchers will benefit from the project.